Saturday, November 10, 2012

...and Shield-Winged Insects now presents... Another pitfall trap beetle!

          Well things are slowing down here in Fresno... At least the insect part of life. I haven't collected an alive insect for some time now. But when one door closes, another door opens (as there is no shortage of work to do when you have a growing insect collection and a blog.) I have also been having a lot of back pain this weekend, so I'll cut this one short (sitting at the computer isn't exactly comfortable.)

Carabus (Tomocarabus)
taedatus agasii LeConte

I really hit the jackpot on this Carabus species last year, as I accumulated around seventy to eighty specimens in my Squaw Peak Road pitfall traps over in Utah. It was really quite sad, though, because there were other species of ground beetles coming to the traps much less abundantly, which provoked me into keeping the traps in progress for much longer than was needed for C. taedatus. I have a large number pinned if any one is interested in an exchange. I will also have non-pinned specimens this January once I return from the winter break back home. (I accidentally left the others in Utah!)

Habitat for Carabus taedatus agassii
Squaw Peak Road, Utah County
Copyright: Sam Wells 2011

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