Saturday, November 24, 2012

Big Baldy Nov 2012

          Last Wednesday (Nov 21) Sam, Michael, Drew (A friend of Sam's) and I took off on a little day hike at Big Baldy in Tulare County. The hike was nothing vigorous itself, (enough to take a nap at the top), but really just a good place to be in mid November, as the weather was perfect for a hike.

Parked at the Trail head.

After we reached the top, we decided the assent went be too quickly to just head back down. Rather, we ate lunch at the top, took some pictures, horsed around with snowballs, etc. Michael and I even took short naps.The view also enticed us to linger: even though we were on the other side of the Sierras, we could see across the central valley which lead our eyes to the coastal range!

Michael (L) Me (R) On top of Big Baldy

Maybe an hour after we reached the top of the mountain, we began our descent. On the way down, we took a little bit of a different rout. This turned out to be good because it lead us into seeing some wildlife! No, not a bear or a cougar, but bugs! And Mushrooms!!

Sulfur Tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare)
Commonly found on hardwoods and conifers.
 Fruiting fall through spring time.

Despite how common this shroom can be, the bugs were a different story... As we were walking through a meadow with a few inches of snow, we saw a variety of little creatures walking along the surface including a wingless wasp likely in the genus Gelis (Family: Ichneumonidae), some Leiodids (Round Fungus Beetles) and last but not least, we found Bembidion abundantly, running on the snow surface in search of prey.

Bembidion sp.

*Many thanks to Sam Wells for the photographs that have been taken with his camera for the sake of this blog. All photos in this post are copyrighted under his name. I should be photo independent come Christmas time.

Yours truly: sitting on a stump, enjoying life. 

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