Monday, December 17, 2012

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

          Something that I've been looking forward to for a long time is owning a camera to learn photography. With a little help from my Uncle (Sam), this wish finally came true. The first thing I did was charge it (given), but this was the first thing I did even before reading the manual, I refused to wait any longer than I had to to start photographing!

I pinned up one of my Carabus taedatus specimens (which I have dozens too many of), but this individual I pinned specifically to look alive and active, something I've watched other bugologists do. A post by the blogger and macro photographer Ted C. MacRae comes readily to mind. Still though, I have hardly any skills with a camera, and I've not yet used one to photograph anything smaller than a cat. I knew this wouldn't exactly be a 'point, shoot and you have a good picture' experience, but I also didn't exactly know how to get that desired shot. So, I used what skills I had over the coarse of a few minutes and this is what the outcome was:

Carabus taedatus
Pic's without pigment matching backgound

Nothing award winning, I know. Frankly, I knew they wouldn't be from the start. I did have an idea though: to surround the bug with a paper similar to it's own body's pigment. This tricks the camera into focusing on the applied color because it fills most of the screen, and thereby also focusing on the target.

Better focused pics with a pigment matching background

These new shots were a little more focused, and that made me happy. To me, shots as focused as these are more than satisfying. At this point in my blogging, I'm more interested in giving a visual on whatever I am blogging about than to get thee highest resolution photographs. But with this new technique comes a new problem: The background! Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty of time in the future to perfect photos, after all, this was simply to get acquainted with my camera. If any of you readers out there have any tips or advise on bettering staged photos, I'd love to hear what it may be.

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