Sunday, December 30, 2012

Natural History in my Genes

          Earlier this month my Grandma passed away leaving behind alot (ALOT) of nik-naks and du-dads scattered around her and her Husbands house. After the family took possession of the larger, more obvious keep sakes, it was my job to photograph a section of her little belongings to be sent out in family letters encase anyone wants to keep anything else before it goes to a thrift store of the garbage. I did the best I could because I wanted as little thrown away as possible.

A small section of misc ornaments.

A ways into the project, I noticed an insect in a little bowl. On closer inspection, I saw it was a True Bug in the family Pentatomidae (Stink or Shield Bugs). For the sake of time, I submitted it to Bugguide and the genus Chlorochroa came up as a good match, likely the species C. sayi.

Chlorochroa sayi Stål

It was quite a surprise, especially when I heard the rumor that bees and other bugs were found in various areas, preserved for visual enjoyment. Well, this explains her Son's fascination with natural history and her Grandson's as well. This common species is nothing special of course, but it is alot more special to me now.

Preserved Butterfly with artificial body

There were also a series of Lepidoptera laminated with a paper over it's main body sections. I photographed the best two. I didn't figure out the species on these, however. They may not even be American species. Any suggestions on the Lep's taxonomy beyond the order would be nice.

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