Sunday, December 23, 2012

Odd Odonata Ordeals in Orem

          As I was walking home from the grocer store, I came by some broken dragonfly(?) body parts on a white fence. I stopped to take a picture, then noticed how many total broken carcases there were; about eight to a dozen over the length of the fence.

Various body parts of Odonata on fence posts. Orem, Utah.

I didn't see any parts on the ground, only on the fence. Some parts were in snow and some in what looked like bird scat. See here for more pictures.

It's quite chilly here in Orem, and quite beautiful all at once. I had my camera on me with this walk because it had recently snowed, clearing out the air, which is ideal for photographing our local mountains.

Cascade Mountain
Eastern boarder of Provo, east of Orem

There are two highly recognizable mountains in view from just about anywhere in Orem; Mt. Cascade to the east and Timpanogos to the north east.

Timpanogos Mountain
North east of Orem

I have a view of Timp from my bedroom window. This adds to a mountainous feel when I'm in town, especially when the air has been cleaned out from a snow storm. It's also nice to have hikes within a 15 minute drive from home.

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