Sunday, January 20, 2013

We gots a live one

          On one of my routine walks around my neighborhood last week, I came across a common honey bee (Apis mellifera) on the side walk. I took the opportunity to get some practice in photographing a moving target so I wouldn't be totally inexperienced by the time the real gems start buzzing in spring. It wasn't facing the way I would have liked it to, so I grabbed a twig to tweak it around for a pose with good lighting.

To my surprise, the bee took off the second after the first shot. In all of my memory, any bee I saw on the sidewalk I assumed was dead or almost so. I'm glad the bee was so patient with my poking... Anyway, the shot couldn't have been any more satisfying to my humble expectations (besides the shadow of the camera...). This gives me great excitement towards my future as a macro photographer.

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