Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sleeping with one eye open.

          A couple weeks ago I was doing some yard work with my Grandpa who was on vacation in California, spending some good time with his family. (Did I seriously say yard work?). It was a semi-sunny day and the wind was at a stand still when I noticed a little critter on some garden grasses in the corner of my eye.

Leptoglossus zonatus (Dallas)
 When I saw that it was a handsome leaf-footed bug (Family: Coreidae), I scurried inside to get my camera and get more practice in photographing live bugs. Myself, having little knowledge of Insect taxonomy outside of Beetles, had to submit this picture to Bugguide to get the little guy identified past family. As it turns out, it belongs to the genus Leptoglossus. Based off of several experienced commenters of the group, L. zonatus is almost definitely the species in the picture and presumably the species I've seen commonly around the city.

It's not uncommon to see things abuzz on warmer days in winter here. At night the temperature can flirt with freezing, but it quickly warms up as the day goes on. I've now seen this species in all seasons. Even during the winter it is good to be prepared for unexpected insects to cross your path; some bugs seam to be just waiting to come out into the open on a warm day!

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