Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

          Last week I was lucky enough to attend a hike hosted by my high school to the  Sierra Foothill Conservancy. This is a local reserve for Birders, Mushroomers and naturalists of other kinds to study the local fauna and flora; but it is commonly used as an excuse for club members to get outdoors.

View from the top of Table Top Mountain

It was a pretty cloudy day; we even got rained on a little bit. Although there were few flowers in bloom, the shrooms took advantage of the damp weather and it enabled me see the foothills through a different biological lens.

To be honest, I'm not motivated enough to find the species for these right now. I'd rather not take a guess at their species until I'm more confident in my skills. The photos did turn out very nicely on the bright side, though.

 This was the third time I've visited this reserve. I must say: the hike to the top was much easier this time than the former two. Much of this I attribute to the good hiking weather. The steep side of the mountain you see in the distance is just as steep as the one five feet away from where I was standing; the only way to the top is straight up the side! It was well worth the effort and I look forward to doing this pleasant day hike again.

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