Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let there be light!

      Over the past couple weeks I have been creating a digital collection by using a new mechanism for photographing pinned specimens. This new technique includes putting a specimen in a empty unit tray, turning auto flash to the "on" setting, then cuffing my hands an inch over the tray and around my camera while snapping a shot. This allows just enough light in for my camera to focus on the object, while it also lets enough light from the flash escape from the sides to prevent flooding the specimen with too much lighting. (This is only based off of my observations and nothing further proven).

First we'll take a look at one of the first iconic photographs of this blog:

Yes, this gives you a more than sufficient visual of an ento-story's subject, but for a photographic collection, this would not do well when compared to other similar looking species.

 Carabus (Tomocarabus)
taedatus agasii

Now that's what I'm invested in; good lighting.

Sure, I'll probably end up getting another camera in the future which takes higher quality pictures, but this is a significant advancement for the time being. Here are some other good ones:

   Tricondyla sp.
  (Tiger beetle)

  Auxicerus sp.
  (Stag beetle)

   Callidium antennatum

I'll be going through this blog and replacing some old pictures with some better ones later on.

Lastly, it's amazing what technology has come to!

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