Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Bear Beetles having a Blast. ...for a brief moment

      They're back!

Paracotalpa ursina (Horn, 1867)
Little Bear Beetles

Last month I did a California Toad post explaining my trip to Woodward Park looking for a couple specific bugs. Returning to the park yesterday yielded many of one of them; Paracotalpa ursina.

Michael (my cousin) and I saw literally dozens in the 30 minutes we were at their habitat. I'd imagine it is tons of fun to fly through a meadow then suddenly drop with outstretched  legs, then by mere chance hook onto the grass blades to be softly suspended above the ground.

One of my favorite pics of one of my favorite Scarabs.

Habitat for this species which occurs only in the far west.

This early May when I take a trip to Utah, I plan on collecting and photographing Paracotalpa granicollis too. Hopefully you'll see that post soon!

Only in this circular walking trail area of the park did they occur;
the rest of the park is well kept for the common citizens.

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