Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Ten-lined June Beetle of the Year

      Well, once again, Spring has left me before I knew it was here. It's almost July and while I know there are other bugs out and about, the truth is, a naturalist can only experience so much. I was reminded of this feeling for the fourth time in my recent years of gorging myself with natural history as I was returning from my run this evening. I am used to seeing the numerous Cyclocephala around the porch light in the warmer months, but today I also found a Ten-lined June Beetle way up high on our patio wall.

Polyphylla decemlineata Say, 1823

Truth is that the Cyclocephala is probably the more interesting and local scarab than this this pretty pest, but I have not yet identified the former so I will save those for a later post (They're usually the first and last active in the summer).

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