Thursday, July 18, 2013

Courtright Resevoir

      Now that I am done with high school, I recently got a job at an auto-parts warehouse in Southern Fresno named Metro. I work morning shifts from 7:00 to 1:30 and have so far enjoyed the work and the people whom I work with. Now, this doesn't mean the first couple weeks weren't exhausting. I usually came home fighting off sleep the entire day so I could get to bed at a time sufficient to wake up at 4:50 and get the bus by 6:00. The combination of this and dating somebody new has thrown my schedule off balance, so please excuse any irregularities for the next x amount of time on this blog.

Before all this happened in the days of my freedom, I was at Courtright Resevoir with my family for a night of the outdoors. We were driving around looking for a place to camp when certain family members wanted to stay at a public camping ground. Others in the family weren't too impressed with this location or the neighbors, but we/they put our/their selves aside and planned for a pleasant evening. This actually turned out great for Beetles because I found a nice series of a Sierra Nevada endemic Tiger Beetle; Omus laevis.

   Omus laevis LeConte, 1866

 This was the highlight for me, but there were many other great findings:

Top: Ceruchus punctatus LeConte, 1869
Bottom: Ponderosa Pine log micro habitat.

Top: Anatis rathvoni (LeConte, 1852)
Bottom: Courtright Resevoir, habitat.

Calopus angustus
LeConte 1851
(Coleoptera: Oedemeridae)

 Selatosomus sp.

Selatosomus sp.

 This one I had foolishly mistaken for a Cantharid, so I didn't collect it. But after a longer look at the picture I realized it is really a member of the genus Asclera; another species from the family Oedemeridae I found on this trip.

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