Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Aspen Grove July 2014

Earlier this month, several of my friends and I decided to go to on a day hike in some of our closer Aspen tree forests. Aspen Grove, a family camp owned by BYU seemed like the best starting point because of its several trails leading into adjacent forested habitats. There are a couple particular beetle species known from Aspen Grove that were on my mind as we walked through the aspen, maple and conifer trees; a rare snail-eating beetle (Cychrus hemphilii) and the longhorn beetle Rosalia funebris, the more common of the two species. I like to refer to this longhorn beetle an convict beetles, because of their attention grabing black and near white banded bodies. A quick google search for this longhorn will yield some nice photographs. Though I didn't collect either of these beetles on this hike, there were plenty other nice finds.

We started our day journey on the trail to Stewart Falls, located two miles west of Aspen Grove family camp on the east-facing slopes of Mt. Timpanogos.

I was lucky to have even noticed this mostly hidden longhorn; Pseudogaurotina cressoni Since I know very little of botany, I didnt bother attempting an identification for the plant it's on. Perhaps the two species aren't necessarily assosiated with eachother, I dont know. I searched for more beetles on others of the same shrub, but I had no success.

Aside from the longhorn, these bumble bee like scarabs were out flying from flower to flower.

A flower chafer, Trichiotinus assimilis along with
the checkered beetle Trichodes ornatus on the right.