About this Blog

Shield-Winged Insects

        Welcome. This is a blog devoted to insects and most anything natural history related. Under normal circumstances, I update with a new post at least once a week. These are typically about entomological phenomena I've witnessed, different species of insects (often Beetles) I've encountered, other wildlife I've encountered, hikes and places I've been on/to, new changes in the entomology area of my life or any changes in my life that may effect this blog. I also try to provide pictures of whatever the post is about.
I decided to start this blog in August of 2012 mostly as a way of journaling. I enjoy visiting other blogs that include criteria on insects, and some other topics I find interesting. There is a good number of bug bloggers on the web and it's helped expand my knowledge on a variety of things, all brought about by a fascination with insects. I hope some may gain and maintain interest in nature by visiting this blog too.

I look forward to reading the comments, and I generally respond to them. I recognize that other people's experiences might not be expressed through a website of their own. If ever needed, my e-mail is found below my profile picture on the home page.