While this is still a small collection (17 Cornell University Styled Drawers and about 4 schmitt Boxes, as of September 2014), it is growing. It's name is official due to a Idaho state record of the Leaf beetle; Paria quadriguttata that I posses. Once, when sorting through some of my Leaf beetles with Shawn Clark, he recognized this species as a state record to Idaho. This lead me to quickly come up with a "official" name for my private collection before he submitted this record into his computer; J.W.Quist Collection. All but two schmitt boxes exclusively contain beetles.

I have wandering interests when it comes to beetle taxonomy. Groups that I have kept a steady interest in include ground beetles (Carabidae), especially of the tribe Cychrini, jewel beetles (Buprestidae), darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae) and blister beetles (Meloidae).