About Myself

Sierra Nevada, California

          Greetings! My name is Jon Quist. I am not an expert taxonomist, blogger, writer and most of all speller by any means, but I can feel myself moving in that direction every day. I love the outdoors, especially non-touristy places where I can go hike, swim, camp and bug collect without having to explain why I'm flipping rocks and peeling bark off of fallen trees.

Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes, San Luis Obispo County, coastal California.

I have spent some time volunteering and browsing The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum of Arthropods at BYU's campus in Provo, Utah. I am currently living in Orem, Utah, where I'm enjoying the fauna of the great Rocky Mountains. I have a well kept, organized and steadily developing insect collection that never has been or will be neglected; I try to give my blog the same attention when life allows for it.

I have a liking for all insects, but I tend to apply most of my focus on Coleoptera. Beetles represent the largest order of insects. This group also represents about a fourth to a fifth of all animals according to many sources. I'm currently learning taxonomy of a variety of other creatures as I find new targets of photography.